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  • Founder & Managing Principle, CCO at 3CM Capital Management, LLC

  • Assistant Vice-President, Senior Portfolio Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Canton, Ohio
  • Financial Advisor at Edward Jones in Canton, Ohio


Education and Credentials

Delford McCallister, CRPC®

Delford McCallister, CRPC® is the Founder and Managing Member of 3CM Capital Management, LLC. An Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm.  


With over a half a decade of experience in the wealth management industry, having managed over $60 million in client assets, Delford works with Union, Military and Government employees in the early stages of wealth accumulation, as well as high net worth clients with a particular focus on small business owners. After spending time in the Military and other government jobs, Delford has learned an appreciation for their hard work and understands the needs of these individuals.

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