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3CM Strategy: The Path to Success

I am always getting ask, "What do you do"? Big firms call this the elevator speech question. You need to be able to articulate your value to a potential client in a short but impactful statement. They want this person to start asking questions, which in turn starts the sales process.

Some of the largest sales reps for big financial firms have amazing elevator speeches. They bate and reel their potential clients in quickly. They ask questions about financial situations you may never have thought about before. They dig, scratch and claw at that problem till it becomes this gashing hole that needs patched immediately. Then when you sign on the dotted line and all your problems seem to be in better hands, they throw your investments in the same portfolio they have hundreds or even thousands like you.

So, instead of throwing a short and catchy elevator speech, I want to introduce the value of 3CM Capital Management through a Series of speeches titled, The Path to Success. I want to introduce to you, the potential client, each step in what we call the 3CM Strategy. The 3CM Strategy is the value we bring to each and every relationship. Through years of experience and thousands of conversations with people just like you, we determined that the most important aspect of investing and planning for your dreams is, the process. Think about the last time you purchased a house? Did you just call a realtor and say we trust you, we'll take whatever comes to mind? Instead, did you look through websites and newspaper, researching school districts, neighborhoods and comparing styles? Have a chart of likes, dislikes, needs, wants and finally look at long term cost and benefits? If you did the first, maybe 3CM Capital Management isn't a good fit for you, but if you took the time to plan out your home purchase, why don't you take the time to plan out your financial health?

Everyone seems to think that financial health can be placed on the back burner and everything else comes before it. In reality financial health should be the first thing you do when you get your first job. Ask anyone, who spent their life working without paying any attention to their financial health, what they wish they would have done differently? The answer is save. They all wish they were in just a little bit better financial situation where they didn't have to worry. Time is the most valuable asset on earth, and they no longer have it working for them. For everyone else who has five or more years till retirement, you still have time. Don't wait till you are 65- 70 to sit down with someone and say this is what I have done, is it enough? You should already know the answer to that question well before you hang up the boots.

So it doesn't matter if you have absolutely nothing and just looking for a place to start, or you have saved up millions but never had a plan and don't know what retirement looks like, the 3CM Strategy is for you. A process that creates a living, breathing financial health plan that updates and changes as your life changes. At the end of that plan is a better financial life and your dreams becoming reality. It starts with Step 1: Where You Are Today.... stay tuned.

Your Dreams, Our Guidance

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